Everything that Moves the Currency Markets in Real-Time

Product Features

The 4-trillion-a-day Currency Markets is one of the most volatile markets and is influenced by many factors. FxWire Pro is a comprehensive newswire service for investors and traders that covers all the news affecting the currency markets in a truly trader friendly format - succinct and to the point.

  • Over 600 news items every trading day
  • Coverage of all global financial markets, macroeconomic, geo-political and market moving news events as soon as it happens.
  • Real-time alerts for Economic indicator releases within seconds
  • Comments from leading economists and FX traders for trade ideas and current market moving themes. FxWire Pro has established exclusive relationships with hundreds of leading economists and institutional FX Traders.
  • Round the clock news coverage during Asian, European and American trading hours.
  • News covered in a truly FX trader friendly nature: highly relevant, quality, short, crisp and handpicked.
  • Typical news range from one line to 7-line bullet points. This format conveys the crux of the news story and helps decrease the time needed to place a news-based trade.
  • The news are categorized (color-coded) for ease of use into the following categories:
    • - Economy
    • - Central Banks,
    • - Geo Politics,
    • - Credit Ratings and Sovereign Debts,
    • - Money Market,
    • - Treasury,
    • - Trader and Expert Talk and
    • - Expert Twits
  • Click here to download the FxWire Pro Taxonomy
  • Review of the day's currency market movements including the impact of fundamental news.
  • Overview of the next days' major events that can affect the currency markets.

News Categories

  • Macro-Economy News & Data
  • Currencies Movement News
  • Geo Politics
  • Real Time Economic Indicators
  • Treasury
  • Ratings
  • Money Market
  • Central Bank
  • Market Moving Talks
  • Media Round Ups & Picks
  • Generic FX Relevant News
  • Commodities
  • Stocks & Indices
  • Research Notes