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10 FxWire Pro Facts

  • FxWire Pro News Entries are highly concise and succinct
  • FxWire Pro Produces 700+ News Items Per Day
  • FxWire Pro is available in English, Japanese and Chinese, and 14 languages
  • FxWire Pro was developed in partnership with global financial media groups
  • FxWire Pro's foreign languages include as many news items as the English version
  • FxWire Pro is the only MetaQuotes - recommended MT4/5 Newsfeed
  • FxWire Pro employs staff in 16 countries
  • FxWire Pro is built-in and ready to use with MT4 and MT5
  • FxWire Pro Covers: Economy, C Banks, Geo-Politics, Credit Ratings, Debt Market, Money Market, Treasury, Expert Talks and more
  • FxWire Pro is available as XML or FTP feeds or as a Web-Based Application